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Banana Nut Bread

Because we offer our program FREE to the public, funding is a constant challenge. Our Banana Nut Bread ministry has become a great solution and a labor of love for us. 

Several years ago, a woman in our recovery program came up with an idea. “I know my grandmother’s recipe for banana nut bread, why don’t we bake some and sell it ?"  She asked. So we baked a few loaves and went around the community and received donations in exchange for Banana Nut Bread. It was so well received we decided to do it again the following week. The banana nut bread was a hit!

Today, we raise 85 percent of our operating budget through the Banana Nut Bread ministry. Without any government grants or funds we have been able to keep our doors open since 1994 and help thousands of men and women find freedom from addiction through Jesus Christ.

Because of the generous contributions of friends we were able to build a brand new commercial bakery which where we bake all of our delicious banana nut bread.  LOOK FOR THE VICTORY LABEL !